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3 house designs to suit the Gold Coast climate

Is there anywhere better to live than the Gold Coast? With its temperate climate, easy access to the beach and rainforest and burgeoning café culture, we think not. Who wouldn’t want to settle down here? It’s little wonder that the southerners, fed up with the cold, are moving here in droves.

If you’re looking to design a Gold Coast house, there are certain features that best suit the climate and will help you take full advantage of the incredible lifestyle. Let’s explore them now.

1. Maximise outdoor living space

No Gold Coast house design would be complete without some kind of outdoor living space that allowed you to spend as much time in the stunning weather as inside your comfortable home. Design the outdoor space of your Gold Coast with shade to protect you from the sun but also with the option to get out under the big blue. Check out how to create the perfect outdoor living space here.

2. Consider a verandah

There’s a reason the old Queenslanders had a verandah that spanned the entire outside of the home. They help to shelter walls and windows from the sun and as such keep the indoors protected from the harsh Australian sun. You may not want to go the whole hog for your Gold Coast house design as the shading all around can make a house quite dark, but we recommend incorporating a verandah. Particularly on those sides of the house where you get strong morning or afternoon sun if you can.

3. Windows, windows, windows

Promoting good air flow in your home should be a high priority in your Gold Coast house design. You want to ensure you have good ventilation flowing by having windows and/or doors on opposite sides of the home that encourage breezes inside. Remember, however, that windows can be a means by which heat seeps into your home so it’s best to have blinds, curtains and glazing that can minimise this.

If you’re looking for a builder to bring your Gold Coast house design plans to life, check out our helpful guide on what you should consider before you choose.