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While Preferred Homes is one of the industry leaders in creating custom homes, our expertise extends beyond standard dwellings. We design and create inviting and functional homes for those who have specific needs and requirements, due to a disability. An SDA home by Preferred Homes is not simply providing a solution for the community, it is a beautifully designed home that will become the envy of the street.


Specialist Disability Accommodation is providing homes for people (known as Participants) with disabilities that are eligible for funding by the NDIS. The NDIS has been created to address two key needs in the community:

  • Release the strain on aged care facilities
  • Provide accommodation for people of all ages that have a long fulfilling life ahead of them, who deserve the opportunity to live independently

Through the NDIS, SDA homes are created to meet the specific needs of people with high care requirements, whether that be physical or mental impairments. There are very detailed and complicated construction requirements, depending on the level of care needing to be met.

There is a high demand for these properties, and the NDIS if offering substantial long-term funding to assist participants in securing suitable accommodation. This is where there are opportunities for savvy investors to not only obtain a high yielding investment property, but contribute to the community as well.

Why invest in Preferred Homes SDA?

  • High-yield investment property, backed by government funding
  • Land sourced in high demand areas
  • Fixed price building contracts with no surprises
  • Quality designed homes to be the envy of the street
  • End-to-end solution, from securing the land to handing over ready for participants
  • Increasing your investment portfolio while helping the community


These are homes designed and built for high care needs. Standard fittings and fixtures are not suitable, which is why SDA comes at a higher price than your standard 4 bedroom home.
Internal Features:
  • Electronically adjustable bench top
  • Rocker action easy-to-use light switches
  • Increased 2740mm ceiling height to avoid obstructions
  • Italian designed appliances, with side opening oven for easy access
  • Smart wiring for modern living
  • Recessed sliding door tracks for easy access
  • High strength commercial grade vinyl flooring
  • Easy to use cupboards and accessible benchtops

Bathroom Features:

  • Fully set down bathrooms, with recessed floors to create wheelchair accessible showers
  • Oversized bathrooms for easy access with wheelchairs
  • High strength 12mm thick cladded walls for fitting of support rails
  • 1200mm high tiling for easy cleaning and wear and tear
  • Vanity basin easily accessible via wheelchair


Contact the SDA experts who can answer all your questions, or simply download our guide at the top of the page to learn more.