Close up of hands with colour palette and blueprint

How to Choose a Colour Palette for Your Home

Nothing can make your home reflect your personality more than the proper use of colour. A well-balanced colour scheme can make a room stylish, and is good for your state of mind. 

Splashing new colours onto your home also adds to its value, especially if you have plans to resell in the future.

Choosing a colour palette is indeed crucial. However, it can also be a bit daunting. To do it right, an in-depth research is needed, as there are many factors to consider.

Here are three common mistakes homeowners make when choosing a colour when decorating their home:

  • Assuming all whites are made equal

If you think white is a safe option, think again. There are just as many shades of white as there are any other colours, and they won’t always suit your home. Consider the amount of natural light in your space and the undertones in your decor and furniture before choosing your shade of white.

  • Not considering your home’s architecture

You may express your love of the ’70s aesthetic on your Pinterest board, but keep in mind that orange and brown hues won’t go well with metallic blue carpets in a modern design.

  • Choosing a one-dimensional paint finish

Instead of choosing a flat paint colour, why not opt for a more textured approach for your interior scheme? Employing a reflective finish such as Marmorino is a great way to bring light into darker interiors, while matte shades can help tone down an overly bright space.

Put simply, choosing a colour palette that suits your style, personality and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. Do your research — your options are endless.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right colour palette for your home:

Take into account your floors

Your floor will influence your colour choices dramatically, and impact how you blend textures, tones, accents and even artwork. Once you factor in the floors, you can start working on complementary or contrasting fabric colours for curtains and furniture, tiling, rugs and other styling elements.

Take note of your lighting

The hues and tones of your room will change depending on the availability of natural light, the season and the types of light bulbs you use. For example, the natural light in south-facing rooms brings out the best in cool and warm colours.

If you’re still in the process of building your home, your builder may be able to help you understand how light will affect your key living zones.

Consider the mood

Picking the right colour palette is as much about creating a mood for your home as it is an expression of your personality. Remember that the colour scheme you use can affect the ambience of your space. 

For example, warm colours are known to give off vibrance and confidence, while also great for promoting intimacy. Cooler tones, on the other hand, can relax and bring a sense of calmness to your home.

Remember the colour theory

Finding the right foundation for your colour palette can help create clarity for your vision, which is why a basic knowledge of colour theory is a must.

The three basic colour schemes are the following:

  • Monochromatic colours are various shades of the same colour. Choose a monochromatic palette if you want a more minimal aesthetic, adding depth with prints and patterns in your furniture and fabrics.
  • Analogous colours are next to each other on the colour wheel. Imagine blues paired with teals and greens — they easily work together to give a cohesive and harmonious look to your home.
  • Complementary colours are two opposing colours on the wheel. Doing it this way allows you to create a high-energy atmosphere. Black and white are not on the colour wheel but they are also considered complementary, and are perfect if you’re after a bold and dramatic look.

Choosing colours should be enjoyable and not stressful in the least. Don’t rush into anything. Visit the paint store, consult professionals, study as many swatches as you desire, and hang them up all over your home if you wish. 
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