Are you considering a townhouse or duplex design?

We partner with developers who share our values and can offer quality townhouse or duplex designs in Gold Coast or Brisbane for owner occupiers or investors.

Working with you closely to maximise the potential of your block, we’ll help you determine what is feasible and deliver the highest quality product at the utmost value. Opting for townhouse or duplex design doesn’t have to be a compromise. The Preferred Homes design approach is all about being efficient without cramming too many rooms in at the expense of liveability. There’s no point adding an extra bedroom if you can’t furnish the living spaces.

These projects are often built in established areas, close to schools, public transport and recreational facilities making them an ideal investment to attract tenants. Yet, the style and attention to detail that goes into every single Preferred Homes project also makes them a fantastic option for owner occupier. Building a townhouse or duplex is entirely different to your stock standard home, and it’s important you go into the process with your eyes open. Local councils usually require you to work with a town planner since constructing a multi-unit development will place you as a mini developer.

With our end to end service, we can help you:

Source the land for your townhouse or duplex design

Secure the perfect land at the best price

Coordinate the designs with a town planner

Connect with a quality developer who can see your design come to fruition

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Duplex house designs - Preferred Homes

Why build a townhouse or duplex?

Building a townhouse or a duplex is a sure-fire way to maximise your return on investment. Even if you choose to move into one of the homes, you have the option of selling the additional building/s and recouping some of your investment.

Although building a duplex or a townhouse will cost more than a single freestanding home, it’s often less expensive than building two separate houses—plus you get the added benefit of sharing the cost of the two separate lots on the one piece of land. Location is incredibly important though so make sure you choose land in a sought-after area for maximum return on investment. We can help you with this.

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a townhouse or duplex is that they offer a payment on completion. This means that after an initial deposit is paid, no further payments are due until you’re ready for settlement on your new home. It makes townhouse and duplex design a great option for first home buyers as you don’t have to worry about paying your mortgage while you are still renting.

The Preferred Homes difference

The Preferred Homes approach includes an end to end service—if that’s what you’re looking for.

Depending on whether you’re considering townhouse or duplex designs for an investment or owner occupier and how far down the process you are on your own, we’ll customise our service to meet your needs. We’ll help you to source and secure the right piece of land, then design a townhouse or duplex that maximises the value and your potential for capital gain. We can also handle all the town planning and council requirements along the way.

Duplex designs - Preferred Homes

Finance solutions available

As part of our end to end service we’ve partnered with leading finance specialists to provide you with simple and competitive finance solutions.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or want to buy an investment property and don’t know where to start, we help you find your way. Let us have one of our partnered finance specialists get in touch and tailor a finance product to suit your needs.