Skeletal phase of new home construction

Tips on Finding a Reliable Custom Home Builder

Building a home is a different kind of commitment—one that will require you to be extremely discerning and hands-on because one wrong choice can trigger a domino effect. And that can have regrets that could haunt you for a long time.

This is why choosing the right home builder must be done so carefully and with thorough consideration.

Regardless if it’s a dream home or an addition to your current residence, conducting in-depth research is important because it will help you find the most suitable builder. This couldn’t be more true, especially if what you want is a custom home design.

What custom home builders can do for you

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  • A qualified custom home builder is responsible for making sure that subcontractors will perform the work as outlined in the designer’s plan specifications and in building codes.
  • The builder works with the client to establish the budget and designs the home around it.
  • The builder is responsible for ordering, checking and accepting all building materials and components prior to installation.
  • The builder works with subcontractors to resolve any issues should there be any.
  • The builder acts as the liaison between the building inspectors, governing jurisdictions and the design team. 
  • The builder is the one responsible for managing and obtaining all approvals, inspections and the certificate of occupancy.

When you choose the right builder you not only end up with a quality home that you’ve envisioned but also an enjoyable, smooth experience that not too many people can say they have. 

Factors you need to consider when choosing the right home builder

Skeletal phase of new home construction with no roof yet


It’s easy for friends, family, or colleagues to recommend a builder but since building a home is a major deal, you can’t simply rely on word of mouth.

You have to do your work: conduct a comprehensive background check. 

  • Learn about the company’s history
  • Check their portfolio
  • Find out how the builder operates
  • Try to find information about their associates
  • If possible, find former customers and seek their feedback

The number of years in the profession is a good indicator of reliability because that means people trusted and built with their business over the years.

Ask builders for references from previous clients. This should include previous clients’ names’ and contact phone numbers so that you can speak with them directly and get a good insight into their building experience. 

Google your builders’ name. See if you can find online reviews or relevant articles about your chosen builder. 

Quality of work

The quality of work will always reflect a builder’s principles.

Finished homes that adhere to construction standards reflect the owner’s preferences, made with quality materials, look great, and are finished on time are proof of a home builder’s dedication to delivering excellent services.

Construction Timeframe

The builder must include a construction timeframe within the contract, but how do you know they will achieve this? If you get the opportunity to talk to previous clients, ask them about the construction timeframe for an accurate expectation. A cheaper price upfront may actually cost you thousands more in the end if construction is delayed for months, with the client being caught with additional mortgage repayments.

Transparency in service

Builders that prioritise customer service will value transparency. A reliable custom home builder will make sure that all pertinent documents are made available to you—building plan approval and local municipal approvals, among others. 


The price will most definitely be among the first considerations when once you decide to build a home. 

Essentially, it’s really not about how much you’re paying but what you’re paying for: value in the product, price and service.

When completing a quotation or contract, the builder should present a clear and detailed list of inclusions. If you have spoken about a particular product or finish, ensure it is listed as included. This can be the difference when you are trying to compare builders. Any builders racing to be the cheapest will often try and leave some information out.


You don’t have to learn the hard way. Do your research today and avoid the frustrating and disappointing experience of building a home.

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