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What you really need to know when preparing to build a home

So, you have made the decision to build a new home – congratulations! Before you start looking for a builder, there are a few things you should do in preparation.

One of the biggest challenges for a builder in designing a home is obtaining an accurate brief from the client. The brief needs to be as accurate as possible in order for a builder to provide a proposal that meets your needs. This is where you come in.

Clients Obstacles

  • I want to get the best possible price
  • I want to ensure I get everything included

Our Solution

We meet with our clients and go thru a detailed briefing document to get an understanding of not just what you want in the home, but what values are important to you, what are your motivating factors? The key components we want to know are:

  • Design : What do you want in the home (living rooms, storage, prayer room etc), and inclusions (ducted air, floor coverings, allergy needs)?
  • Values : What is important to you: communication, site visits, build time, ability for variations?
  • Budget : What you actually plan on spending. Be realistic and honest. Either what you have been pre-approved for, or your target budget. We will provide accurate feedback to let you know if you need to review your brief, of discuss the budget.

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If you begin to put some thought into these before looking for a builder, it allows us to develop a thorough brief to design the home you truly want. We walk you through this process and answer any queries you may have. Contact Preferred Homes today to find out how we can help you.