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Your guide to buying a house and land package on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is full of wonderful house and land package opportunities. It’s an excellent entry to the housing market that can take some of the pressure out of making tough building decisions. When you opt for a house and land package on the Gold Coast, your property developer and builder will already be working together and you’ll simply need to decide on the house design and parcel of land. Much easier!

But how do you know which Gold Coast house and land package are right for you? We’ve put together this helpful guidebook with four key steps to making a decision that’s ultimately right for you.

Gold Coast city canals

Choosing your developer

The key to partnering with the right developer for your Gold Coast house and land package is research. How secure their business is can have a significant impact on your investment, so choose wisely. Things you might like to consider include:

  • Their background
  • Their projected timeframes
  • Their pricing structure
  • Their contractor network
  • Their financial security

Picking the right area

The suburb you choose to build your Gold Coast house and land package will significantly impact on your lifestyle and other key factors. For example, if you send your children to a state school, the school they’re accepted into will largely depend on your location. If you rely on public transport, it’s wise to look into what’s available nearby. The Translink Journey Planner is a great tool. Also consider whether you’d rather your Gold Coast house and land package to have a central location or be set into the hinterland. Are there parks, shops and other things you enjoy in your day-to-day life around? All of this should factor into your decision around the best area for your Gold Coast house and land package.

Selecting quality land

There are two points to choosing quality land. The first is to do some research into the Gold Coast area where you’re looking at buying your house and land package. Some areas are prone to flood, for example, and this may affect your insurance. Not to mention it could be a big headache down the track. Secondly, within every Gold Coast house and land development, there will be a mixture of blocks of land. Some great, some mediocre and some dodgy ones. Think about whether you want to be on the main street or a cul-de-sac. Whether you want to be up higher or more down set. Also consider that if the block of land is hilly or awkwardly shaped, it might affect your costs.

Ask questions about what you’re getting—and what you’re not

Builders talking about a plan

Designers are designing houses. Model houses and house plans on the table.

Gold Coast house and land packages will be different between each developer. Some include landscaping and extra things like clotheslines. Others don’t. So, it’s important to ask upfront exactly what’s included in your house and land package. You don’t want to get your keys and walk into your home only to be disappointed by the end result. Ask for clarity about what’s included and what’s not. You may also like to ask about your design options and how much flexibility there might be for minor adjustments.

At Preferred Homes, we’ve partnered with a number of key developers around the Gold Coast and can help guide you with your house and land package decisions. Contact us to learn more.