Interior shot of Preferred Homes' open-plan design

5 Benefits of Open-Plan Living

Open-plan living is becoming a go-to design option for many Australian home buyers. It has also become a standard requirement for many looking to buy or build a custom design home, especially now in a post-pandemic world, when we spend more time in this communal part of the home.

What is an open-plan?

An open-plan spaces are areas “having no or few dividing walls between areas”.

This generally refers to the main living areas of the home, such as the kitchen, living room and dining room—where an open-flowing layout, with few or no internal walls, is created in favour of a communal living space.

Here are the reasons why open-living is now a sought-after feature of a home.

It makes a home feel spacious

If you want to make the most from a smaller floor plan, but don’t want it to feel boxed in, this is a great option.

This type of floor plan is great for creating the feeling of spaciousness, as there are fewer walls taking up space and blocking the views around your main living areas.

Open-living layouts have revolutionized the way we perceive and utilize space within our homes, particularly in areas like the kitchen. With fewer internal walls, there’s a seamless flow between the kitchen and other communal living spaces like the living room and dining room.

This not only fosters a sense of connectivity but also enhances the functionality of the kitchen as a social hub within the home. In such designs, countertops and cabinets play a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic and functionality of the kitchen space.

Elevate Your Brookhaven Home with Elegant Countertops and Cabinets becomes imperative in this context, as it encapsulates the essence of upgrading your kitchen to match the open-living layout’s elegance and functionality.

With a well-thought-out combination of countertops and cabinets, you can transform your kitchen into a sophisticated yet functional space that complements the openness and connectivity of the overall home design.

For those seeking a unique and captivating touch to their homes, consider infusing your space with the untamed allure of nature.

Untamed Creatures, in the form of animal-inspired decor, can serve as a powerful and imaginative element. Introduce elements like animal prints, figurines featuring wildlife motifs to evoke a sense of wild beauty within the domestic sphere.

This untamed aesthetic not only adds a touch of the exotic to your living space but also contributes to the illusion of grandeur, harmoniously aligning with the goal of making your home feel spacious and free-spirited.

Embrace the untamed creatures within your decor, and let their presence breathe life and expansiveness into your cozy abode.

This gives you better opportunities to be more creative with your interior design and choose furniture that may not look as appealing in a confined space.

Easier access to other rooms

In an open-plan concept, a dining room is usually located between a living room and a kitchen. There is usually a set of dining table and chairs that enables homeowners to facilitate more convenient meal-prepping.

With a kitchen-dining-living combo, you’ll have easier access to the rooms around it, such as the bedrooms or the backyard.

Offers maximum natural light

Natural lighting plays an essential part in creating a warm atmosphere in a home. By removing unnecessary walls in an open-plan layout, homeowners welcome natural light that will illuminate the entire space, giving off a warm and vibrant area that is perfect for multiple uses.

The more natural light you’re exposed to, the happier and more energised you’ll feel. With fewer walls, there are less light-blocking barriers, allowing the natural light from windows and roof lights to enter your home.

Additionally, this could mean that less electricity would be required to light up the main living areas of your home!

Encourages sociable living

Typically, kitchens are the focal point for most homes. With the extra space an open-plan living creates, the whole family can gather together without getting in the way of the designated cook.

A connected kitchen, dining and living area also makes entertaining a lot easier and fun. Whether it’s family dinners or coffee with friends, everyone can convene in the same general areas without partitions, establishing a stronger sense of togetherness. No one has to miss out on the action, as the party unfolds all around them.

Great for families with small children

Open-plan living is an ideal layout for families who have toddlers.

With this ideal design, you’d be able to keep an eye on the little ones in the living room, even when you’re tidying up the kitchen. This takes away the need for parents to be in “two places at once”.

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